NodeCasts: Free Node.js Screencasts

About NodeCasts

NodeCasts is a screencast series for Node.js™ inspired by RailsCasts by Ryan Bates. NodeCasts is published by Brandon Tilley.

Target Audience

NodeCasts is geared toward the developer who is familiar with JavaScript as a language, possibly from the browser, who is new to Node.js. (Some JavaScript patterns, especially when they apply to asynchronous programming, may be explored.) As time progresses, the screencasts will begin to target the intermediate Node developer, building on knowledge gained in earlier episodes.

Although many (if not most) of these screencasts are just as applicable to Windows systems as others, they were written on and will generally target a UNIX-like environment (the screencasts are made on OS X). Some level of familiarity with a Bash-like shell is assumed, as is a basic understanding of concepts like the path, environment variables, and the current working directory.


Creative Commons License
The screencasts and show notes on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.