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Episode 5: Thinking Asynchronously
Aug 26, 2012 - 12:31 - 11 comments

Asynchronous programming can be difficult if you're not used to it; we'll talk about some common patterns and pitfalls for working in an asynchronous environment. We'll also introduce a flow control library to handle multiple nested asynchronous operations.

Show Notes
Node.js version used in this episode: v0.8.8 [ DownloadsDocumentation ]


Jonathan Tushman, 12 years ago:
Brandon, these are really great -- please keep these up. I love RailsCasts -- and I really think this is filling a void in Node-land.

I am sure that these take a lot of work, I appreciate the time you are dedicating to this.

I am sure you have a long list of things you want to cover: but to add to the list:

- express
- hosting / deployment (best way to provision a ec2 server, or should we use heroku or the like)
- templating (mustache, jade, etc ...)


DeannRie, 12 years ago:
when will the new video?
Mark Eliasen, 12 years ago:
Thank you soo much for the vids so far. I always found it hard to learn Node as most resources talked about node as if you already had a fundamental knowledge of how it worked.

At some later date I would also love to see some videos on express and, but please do keep the fundamental videos coming, they are brilliant!

(Ps. put up a donate button so I can give you a beer!)
Prem Pillai, 12 years ago:
Please tell me this is not dead. This is clearly the best node tutorial series I've seen out there.
Robert Dober, 11 years ago:
Agree with Prem all casts are very concise, very informative, just very excellent :)
Denis Leukhin, 11 years ago:
I hope you have not abandoned the project.
Bharadwaj Parthasarathy, 11 years ago:
Thanks a lot for posting these videos. The videos helped me understand node and npm.

Please continue posting more videos.

more on async
underscore - I saw you used underscore as an example for npm. What is underscore?
unknown, 11 years ago:
Hi, Nice screencast! This NodeCast will be a good project! I'm from brazil and I am a Node.js enthusiastic.

This is my blog and there are a lot of posts about Node.js
unknown, 11 years ago:
I agree with the other folks these video cast are outstanding. The most concise node.js content I have seen to date.
Thomas, 11 years ago:
These are super helpful. The content is great and the pacing just right. Thank you.
mikepc, 10 years ago:
I want to agree with everyone and say that you are filling in a lot of blanks for me. I really appreciate all your hard work, and would love to see more! Rock on!
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